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More than Likely you have received a GiveCard and it has led you to this site to find out more about a specific campaign.   Please feel free to explore and learn more about the needs of a specific Campaign.

Thank you.

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More than likely you were handed a Givecard and asked to look up more information on a specific charitable campaign.  Please feel free to search and read more about your specific card.  It is our wish that you will not only donate to a cause (no matter how large or small) but also pass the card on to someone you believe will donate.  It's an easy way to impact your campaign.

One card can go a long way.

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Mighty Miss Maya - Will to Walk

Please donate and pass your card on to keep the campaign going.

Don't be the one to break the chain.

You can also send out emails and instant messages to friends and family members directing them to Givecards.org to donate to help Maya.

Scroll down to see more about this courageous, inspirational, beautiful little girl.

Mighty Miss Maya -Will to Walk

Mighty Miss Maya - Will to Walk

Please Donate and pass your card to someone you know will keep the chain going.

Thank you

Mighty Miss Maya - Will to Walk​

What Makes Us Different!

We are a crowdfunding site which places a personalized touch on the crowdfunding process. We distribute rigid plastic cards with your specific campaign Information for donors to access our website to find out more about your campaign and donate. Then we ask the donor to pass the card on, explaining our system and keeping the giving cycle alive. 

Our first campaign is for Miss Maya Tisdale.  Maya is a 5-year-old little girl from Traverse City Michigan who has cerebral palsy.  Maya was born a micro preemie and at the age of four received spinal surgery allowing her to take her first steps without a walker.  

Our goal is to sustain a financial campaign to help with physical therapy costs not covered by insurance.  Having been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, insurance companies only cover a maximum of 30 days a year for physical therapy due to cerebral palsy being a lifelong disorder.